Additional Passions; Fitness & Health /Chocolate Cake.
Competitive Sailer, ocean lover.
Ill be here chasing the sun!

Jane Anne

a little bit about

Welcome to my website! Thank you for visiting.  
It is with great pleasure that I introduce myself to you.   
This is Jane. 
Born and raised in Huntington, New York, I attended Eckerd College, for my degree in International business. Now, I consider myself a Floridian!
While in High School, I entered the Dark Room, and learned what this imaging world had to offer. I then began my digital photography journey. This soon turned into graphic design and restoration. I found a love for surrealism, and logo design. I was grateful to be published in local magazines.
At Eckerd, I was chosen to administer their instagram account, and contribute my photography to their brochures.  
Since graduation, I have gained experience with several marketing positions within the St. Petersburg Business community.
My true passion is Photography. Documentary Photography has been an inspiration for my Segway into portrait photography!  
As I continue to grow and learn within corporate Marketing, I have chosen to pursue personal photography work for this community of great people.


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